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Our recruitment service is backed by a 6 month replacement guarantee.


The professional fee for an engagement is a percentage of the new hire’s first year total cash compensation.


Using our consultative process we estimate a search to take 6-8 weeks from commencement.

Why Choose LYNX Recruitment?

for your business-critical roles

Focused on Fit

Our extensive interview process and screening ensures that we find the best candidates from both a technical and cultural perspective.

Industry Expertise

Our recruiters are specialists in their industries, whether its real estate and construction, tech, defence, non-profit and more.

Targeted Approach

Our methodology and process ensures that we focus our attention on the very best candidates for your organization.

Consistent Service Model

When you hire LYNX Recruitment, our process is transparent and you will receive the high-quality service you expect from our professional team.

Headhunting Experience

Our headhunting methods and marketing for your roles ensures that we speak to and attract the very best candidates in the market including those who are not currently seeking new opportunities.

Training & Development

We invest in the professional development of our recruiters to ensure they have the necessary skills and knowledge to provide the very best expertise for each role.

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About Us

LYNX Recruitment

LYNX Recruitment offers professional services for organizations hiring business-critical roles. We work to attract top talent that will be a cultural fit and achieve success within your organizations.

We will learn and achieve a full understanding of your organization’s vision, mission, objectives and goals and identify prospective candidates that will help you achieve success. We are experts at crafting a compelling story to ensure you are able to garner the exposure required to recruit the right candidates. Our extensive recruitment experience ensures that your dedicated project manager at LYNX Recruitment will know your market inside and out.


The Best Candidates?

We have a complex and comprehensive strategy when it comes to sourcing talent on behalf of our clients. A combination of headhunting, in-market referrals, influencer channels, social media, online advertising and more allows us to reach both active and passive candidates.

Our recruiters qualify and assess candidates to ensure that we present the very best candidates in the market who are interested in each role. With our extensive screening and interviewing, we are confident that the top 3-4 candidates presented are the most qualified candidates for your open role.

Did you know

LYNX Recruitment is a Keynote Group Company

LYNX Recruitment was created by the same team who lead and oversee Keynote Search, one of Canada’s fastest growing businesses. Collectively Keynote Group bring 100’s of years of experience in both recruitment and executive search. At the core of the business are the values of Connection, Intention, Community and Growth. 

We created LYNX Recruitment to bring a higher level of engagement and professionalism to our clients and the market. The business was built with the belief that clients deserve more than a surface-level transactional service for their business-critical hires.

Paresh MistryManaging Director of LYNX Recruitment
  • It is so easy to get lost in the business, to the point where working on the business is sacrificed. Our experience with Lynx allowed us to achieve our goals without sacrifice. Their professionalism, knowledge and understanding of the market combined with the time taken to understand our objectives, made our expansion seamless. Their process took all of the guess work out of our hands which gave us the ability to move forward efficiently and effortlessly.”

    Matt Carr
    President, Gifford Carr Insurance Group

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