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Business-Critical Professional Recruitment Services

we provide professional search and recruitment services with a distinct process that allows organizations to succeed because of the people we place. Our innovative, hybrid search model sets us apart from traditional recruitment firms.

Bespoke Search Process

Our recruitment model is a hybrid that takes the best of both executive search and contingent recruitment. By engaging our firm you are guaranteed a proactive market scan and headhunting of potential candidates coupled with a transparent view of our search process, progress and professional fees.

Experienced Team

Our search and recruitment leadership team is an experienced and well networked group of industry veterans. With more than 75 years of industry experience and adeptness in different verticals including Finance & Accounting, IT, HR, Sales, Engineering and others.


At Lynx Recruitment we take a vested interest in our client’s success and stand by our thorough recruitment and vetting process. We are pleased to offer a 6 month replacement guarantee on each placement.

Post-Placement Integration

Integration & Coaching

Many organizations invest considerable time and money in finding qualified candidates to help move their business forward. The reality is that in today’s competitive market organizations need to ensure alignment with the candidate early in the onboarding process or risk losing them to other opportunities. Fortunately, Lynx Recruitment offers an optional industry leading integration and coaching program to ensure that your new hire is properly integrated and starts to contribute early within their onboarding process.

Thorough Recruitment Process

The same level of rigour, thoroughness and diligence of an executive search process delivered in a shorter period of time.

Focused Recruitment Services

Our team works on just a handful of mandates at a time to create more focus on each and every role we recruit resulting in a 90%+ success rate

Headhunting Approach

For each recruitment project, we create a strategic plan to target, attract and compel the very best candidates to consider your open position – even those who are not seeking new opportunities

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Why Choose LYNX Recruitment?

Our consistent and transparent recruitment service model ensures you receive high-quality service and results from our professional recruitment team – for each and every search.

  • Our team of experienced recruiters will work closely with you and interview key stakeholders in the search to identify your organization's unique hiring needs, challenges, and understand your goals
  • We take into account everything from technical skills and experience to personality and work style, ensuring that the team we put together is the right fit for your organization.
  • We handle everything from sourcing and screening candidates to coordinating interviews and negotiating job offers, so you can focus on running your business
Our Model

How Does Our Process Work?

Professional Fees

We require a small upfront professional recruitment fee as a deposit to secure the time and resources of our professional recruitment team. The remainder of the professional fee is due once a successful placement is secured. 

We offer a recruitment model for organizations looking for an exclusive trusted partnership with a reputable recruitment firm that provides concierge-level service and requires expertise from experienced search partners above and beyond a transactional contingent recruitment model, but without the financial risk and commitment of a fully retained search. 

When does the LYNX Recruitment model work best? 

○ Business-critical roles including individual contributors or manager-level hires. 
○ Expedited hiring for senior-level roles that impact revenue and/or productivity without compromising the search
○ Competitive talent market and comprehensive recruitment service is needed to find the industry’s top talent 
○ Attract and compel passive candidates
○ Reduce your risk if hiring priorities shift due to market demands or challenges during an unstable economy

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